In our service center we repair and service kites for all brands and types , both ram and inflatable.


Our service is being used by the owners of Ozone, North, Slinshot, RRD, Ocean Rodeo, Flysurfer and many other brands. All repairs are dealt with as quickly as possible (normally up to 5 days) after the agreement, in urgent cases, we do repairs "while you wait" or within one day. During repairs Pegas uses technology and experience with more than 20 years of production equipment for paragliding and powerkiting. Repairs are performed carefully with regards to durability and flight characteristics and with minimal interference to the graphical design.




If sending kite to us, we recommend adding a plan showing the location and description of the damage. Do not forget to add your contact info - phone or e-mail. We are expecting kites to be dry and clean. If kites are shipped to us wet and dirty , we will charge handling fee for cleaning your kite.

Infaltable kites repairing

For repairing inflatable kites, we have developed some original methods that allow us to perform service in the highest possible quality.

For larger main tube rupture, most of the time you rupture the inner tube . For these damages we have developed an original method of repair, in which there is no weakening of the repaired area and thus not reduce the life of the tube. This procedure is suitable for even the most damaged kites.

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View the embedded image gallery online at:

View the embedded image gallery online at:

When repairing large cracks of Main Tube, we use good combination of strength and self-adhesive fabric. Repaired area is done by strength stitching. Final strength of the repaired areas is typically greater than the strength of the original material.

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Damages cracks in the surface canopy are repair by side sticking adhesive fabric and stitching. During repairs we try to respect the graphics - color.

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Procedures and technology we use allow us to provide a full 1-year warranty including the tightness of the inner tube in the place of repair! Part of Main Tube repairs or inner tube is final check and tuning of inflated kite.

Approximate price of the most common repairs:
• Replacement of damaged lines 15 to 20 EURo
• Repair tissue adhesive substance from 5 EURo
• Repair a broken rib (ram kites) from 30 EURo
• Replacement of parts at kites chamber 15 to 45 EURo
• Repair damaged / broken control lines (between the horizontal bar and the kite) 15 - 25 EURo
• Repair - seal - the main tube (inner tube), including installation back to the kite from 40 EURo
Price for cleaning the wing - (to remove sand, salt, clay or to dry kite) add extra 10 to 15 EURo depending on the degree of pollution!


Technical inspection - included is overall control of the fabric, lengths and quality of lines, trapeze and other accessories. We recommend that this is done before the new season. Kitesports Pegas provides annual inspection for the price of 5 EURo. For other brands, the price is 12 EURo, price does not include control any length of cord and flight tests.




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