Revo  is the new generation all-season kite that offers maximal performance, stability, pleasant steering and a lightweight canopy. Closed cell foil kite with wide range of use for advanced riders.

The New Chimera G8 comes with a unique element that essentialy changes the safety and steering comfort of foil kites. It is a Czech foil kite with a unique landing possibility (5th line) perfect for beginers.

Relax is basic training kite, controled by bar combines maximum easy of use and 100% safe! It is your first step to world of powerkiting. Kite flies in very low winds from 1 m / s, has better turning and in  turbulent conditions is very stable.

Do you want to have really original advertisement or just your own design on kite? We are offering you unique possibility how to connect useful with pleasure. For our customers we can produce any kite with your logo.

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