New RELAX kite controled by bar combines maximum easy of use and 100% safe!

Kite is designed as 3 liner - 2 lines are attached to leading edge and 3rd line is  used for the landing, restart and as a safety feature -  instant 100% efficient depower.

The set includes:

  • Relax 3.5 sq/m kite
  • control bar 
  • lines  3 x 20 m
  • safety harness - leash
  • bag
  • manual

Our new Relax kite has new modifications to the canopy and bridle, a new kite flies in very low winds from 1 m / s, has better turning and in  turbulent conditions is very stable. Relax is our most popular and best-selling kite and we hope that with the new version popularity will only  increase. Relax is great for children and adults, ideal practicing kite  for beginners, that even experienced kiteboarders can enjoy. Kite comes in two sizes, Relax 1.8 sq/m and 3.5 sq/m

Relax very simple set up and handling.   RELAX is very reasonably priced but does not lack in quality workmanship or durability of the materials used.

RELAX 1.8 -  is kite designed to safely overcome mysteries of kiting. Up to the wind speed of 6 m/s it  is not necessary to use any safety features. In doing so, RELAX 1.8 flight characteristics are very similar to other "adult" models, opening the door to all kite riders the safe operation of this fascinating sport. Relax 1.8 is designed for maximum wind speed of  8 m/s.  We recommend 4-corded design with 2 control handles. This option offers much greater control of the kite with the ability to control the trailing (rear) edge using the brake lines.

RELAX 1.8 is an ideal equipment for field trips, vacations to the sea, or playing in the parks. Enjoy it everywhere, where you will find a little space. Due to the lightweight construction, you need wind to fly kite  from 3 m/s.  But even with this kite you must follow general safety rules for powerkiting, primarily to ensure the safety of bystanders - make sure that nobody is in the flight path. Children should always have adult supervision!

When the wind is around 6 m/s nRELAX 1.8 gives sufficient traction for driving such as rollerblading, skateboarding, on a flat surface - buggykiting , mountainboard or winter ice-skating, etc. Its use is therefore all year round.

RELAX 1.8 is supplied as a complete kit with control handles and color-coded lines Trevira 4 x 20 m. As an optional design is a 2-lined version control with horizontal bar and lines Spike 2 x 20 m.  Both control versions are easy to switch. 


RELAX 3.5 is developed based on proven Relax version 1.8.  Despite the relatively small area of 3.5 sq/m kite offers surprisingly high performance. For beginners we recommend Relax 3.5 to a maximum wind speed of  4-5 m/s, while maintaining all powerkiting safety rules.

Relax 3.5 has a wide range of use. For beginners - interested in powerkiting - offers an excellent opportunity to practice control. For more experienced riders it will very well serve   for  buggy , mountainboard, ski, snowboard, skate, etc.  With very competitive  price you will get complete kite set, with which you will have a lot of fun and if this dynamic sport will fascinate you , you'll be ready for  kiting at the highest level!

RELAX 3.5 is available as a 4- line set with the control handles  or control bar accompanied with leash and colored dyneema lines 4 x 20 meters / 150 kg. Everything is packed in small package -  bag with a shoulder strap.

If you are looking for kite suitable for  basic snowkiting at the lowest price, then RELAX is the best choice! For this we recommend the version with a horizontal bar.


  • simple set up and easy start
  • excellent handling and stability
  • possibility of flying minimum wind speed from 1 m / s, with a maximum wind speed 8 m / s
  • structure with a minimum number of lines for easy control
  • Skytex quality fabric and overall lightweight design contributes to the use of large-scale wind and light steering
  • careful and accurate craftsmanship

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