Chimera G8 - Czech foil kite with a unique landing possibility

The New Chimera G8 comes with a unique element that essentialy changes the safety and steering comfort of foil kites. Together with Pegas 3-lines steering, Chimera G8 is a kite which simply doesn't have any competitors in today's market. Kite steering has never been simplier.

 Today's legendary kite, the Pegas Chimera, that has been around since the birth of Czech kiting, now continue in it's eight generation G8:

  • intended also for beginners
  •  new unique easy landing possibility and easy packing of the kite even in very strong wind
  •  new, maximally effective safety system
  •  exceptional stability and intuitive steering
  •  easy to use
  •  flying also in wind from 1 m/s
  •  ideal for snowkiting and landkiting schools
  •  developed and produced in Czech Republic
  •  careful and precise manufacturing, use of high-performance materials


When developing the new Chimera G8, our goal was very clear - maximal simplification of snowkiting and landkiting begins with an emphasis on safety. To be able to achive this, we had to not only improve the already excellent characteristics of the older models but also add some completely new features. Our new Chimera G8 walked through an essential innovation and now comes with the following characteristics: extreme stability, excelent steering with enhanced 3-lines steering system and maximal safety thanks to the totally new safety system. We have also managed to improve the performace of the kite and it's ability to climb. Moreover, the kite can fly also in very low wind.


Since 2011, Chimera kites are equipped by the more and more used autostable profile. Because of this, the kite is extremely stable in the entire flying window, including also at the window's edge. The kite is also very resistant against turbulences and absorbs wind gusts well. This is very important especially for beginners that, as a result, don't have to deal with unexpected situations, and they can rather fully enjoy their ride.


The original Pegas bridle concept allowed steering lines system to be reduced to just 3 lines in full line lenghts. Moreover, apart from simplification of line connections and kite control, this solution also brings better steering and lower aerodynamic resistance.

Bridle principle:


Compared to other foil kites, the Pegas 3-lines steering system comes with an ability to turn not only by the braking of the trailing edge but also by acceleration of the opposite side caused by a lower inclination angle. Because of this, the steering ablity has been improved even more. Chimera G8 also has a bridle on the trailing edge. With these modifications, the turning radius and speed are similar to that of tube kites. The new bridle system also simplifies kite restarts and its landing.

Turning principle (pictures below):



The kite's safety system is 100% effective and has two functions:

  1. reliable and easy kite landing by pulling of the 4th safety line
  2. 100% loss of power after releasing the safeety pin

These features are provided by the new system developed for Chimera G8 kites. A core of our solution is longitudinal center line, which runs through the canopy and is brought out to the kite's "ears". The line is further connected via 4th safety line to the bar leash. The shortening of this line - by pulling og by activating of safety pin - results in the deflatiion of the canopy and it folds around the center line.


If we want to land the kite in strong wind, pulling of 4th line kite gradualy loses its power and it lands on the trailing edge. All this only with minimal force. If needed, exact landing of the kite can be controlled at the bar. After landing, the kite remains in stable position, it's enough to secure the 4th line. Relaunching is also very easy -  by pulling of front lines, the canopy starts to fill with air and here by restarts in strong winds are very easy. The kite runs through the powerzone only with low pull and gets its full pull on the edge of the wind window.

Picture - using the 4th line - landing and relaunching:

This system comes with yet one more advantage - easy line wrapping (on bar) also in strong winds - it's enough to wrap the 4th line about 1 or 2 meters, then the wrapping of the steering lines can occur absolutely without problem.


For a low wind landing, there is still a classical possibility to land the kite by the pulling of the trailing edge line's strap or even increasing the effectiveness by pulling the ball attached on the steering lines.



Safety pin activation:
Safety pin activation in a critical situation leads to immediate deflating of the canopy. It results to totall loss of power and option to pack the kite without any problem. The system also simplifies relaunching. The bar with its easily accessible safety features contributes to a maximal safety.


The Chimera G8 went through en essential change in bridle setup. Thanks to this, the kite is now faster, more dynamic, and offers more performance also on the edge of the wind window. It comes with an enhanced ability to fly upwind which is very important for freeride. Moreover, the kite gives more power to jumps that will surely be appreciated by advanced riders.


The new Chimera G8 kites are continuing on a proven kite concept with a wide range of use. These kites triggered a kiting boom in Czech Republic in 2004 and since then they are undergoing a constant development. Nowadays, we offer very sophisticated and well tuned generation Chimera G8. The kite gives a maximal safety to beginners, but thanks to the brilliant fly characteristics, advanced kites will also be excited.

The Chimera kites are very popular especially because of their excellent steering and performance, extreme canopy stability and wide wind range. These characteristics have yet again been improved on the Chimera G8. Kiters will love the Chimera's better performance and faster turning while maintaing its highly efficient depower system with maximal safety. Predictable kite behaviour makes steering the Chimera kite absolutelly intuitive after just a few session. A basic performace setup can be further adjusted by a bar trim system while riding. Excellent flying characteristics are maintained across whole trim range.

Chimera G8 characteristics:

  • maximal stability
  •  intended for both beginners and advanced riders
  •  high safety
  •  new bridle setup comes with even better utilization of uplift forces on the leading edge, thus gives a higher performance also on the edge of the wind window
  •  lower aerodynamic resistance- only 3 lines from bar to canopy
  •  constant pull in the entire wind window range
  •  easy start and possibility to depower the kite by steering lines
  •  excellent depower efficiency and overall stability
  •  low canopy weight
  •  new trailing edge geometry
  •  reinforcing of the leading edge for longer life and durability
  •  openings in outer chambers for easy cleaning of snow, sand etc.
  •  careful and precise manufacturing
  •  can be ordered in various colors
  •  composite bar with reinforced center piece
  •  very good performace for both freeride and freestyle


Our new kitebags are not only a kite case but they are an elaborate functional part of the whole kite set. When designing new kitebags, we have mainly taken into consideration the practical needs of every kiter, modern design and usefullness. Our bags are light and provide enough space and easy closing. A volume of the bag can be reduced to 1/3 of the original volume. This feature will certainly be welcomed by kiters that travel by plane.


  • new design
  •  light and storable
  •  huge volume makes it possible to pack a kite even in very difficult conditions
  •  not zippers which complicate packing
  •  fast and easy closing by "roll" system
  •  compression bag function - through the use of tightening side straps
  •  2 sizes - variable volumes 60-15 L and 40-15 L
  •  can either be closed by the upper "ear" or like a compact bag with the side closing


  • Chimera G8 kite
  • Pegas bar with dyneema lines 2x25m / 200kg, 1x25m / 600kg and 4th safety line
  • compression strap
  • new Pegas bag
  • guide
  • 3 year warranty

Technical parameters:







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