Pivot G2 - Closed cell foil kite with wide range of use - kiteboarding, snowkiting and landkiting

Pivot G2 is the second generation of this all-season kite that offers maximal performance, stability, pleasant steering and a lightweight canopy.



  •   closed cell construction
  •   progressive double bridle
  •   customizable leading edge bridles
  •   excellent performance and effective depower
  •   huge wind range
  •   low weight
  •   uncovered Dyneema lines in the canopy bridle
  •   3 year warranty
  •   sizes 8 / 11 / 14 / 18 m2



The goal was to create a closed cell kite from an entirely new concept with a wide range of use. The result should have been a kite with high performance and user friendly characteristics. It was clear that achieving such a goal would require the utilization of the newest progressive technologies and materials not only from the kite production industry but also applying innovations from today's paraglider development. All of the exceptional characteristics of the Pivot G2 are results of various, carefully assembled technical innovations, and this is possible due to our long-time experience with kite development.

Pivot's parameters are similar to a paraglider's parameters, mainly because it was base around one of the proved designs from high performance paragliding. A sophisticated system to distribute the forces inside the canopy increased the challenges during development but it has also simplified the Pivot's user comfort. The number of lines were reduced to the bare minimum.  This solution increases performance and improves steering because it decreases the aerodynamic resistance of the kite. The usage of top-quality, low density fabric, Skytex, also helped to minimize the canopy weight which is comparable with similar kites designed to be ultralight.

The kite is stable, it can be used in a wide wind range and has an advanced security system. After the releasing of the safety pin - in a case of emergency - the canopy is disassembled and totally loses its power.

The Pivot G2 is an apex of our long-time experience with development and production of paragliders and later also kites. This heritage continues constantly since 1989.  


The complete production of Pivot kites takes place in our own workshop in Czech Republic. Because of this, we control the whole production process. The computation of all particular canopy profiles and lines is made by our own software that had originally been used in paragliger design, but it was extended to kite design.

Pivot G2 production is a very demanding process. Each canopy consists of more than 180 pieces, which have to be stitched up very precisely. We use long-time tested engeneering PES threads.

The bridle system consists of approximatelly 100 line pieces of various lenghts. Extreme precision is an absolute must here. Every single kite passes a careful control and flying test.

To achieve the desired characteristics we have exhausted the latest technological possibilites. The Kite canopy is sewn from french high-tech fabric, Skytex, famous for its low weight and strength. The bridle has been made of uncovered Dyneema lines by Edelrid and covered lines by Cousin. Pivot's bearing and steering system are made from Liros lines, who produce one of the best lines for these purposes. The combination of all of these materials, precise and careful manufacturing make the Pivot G2 kite a top product.


High performance was one of the main goals. The canopy foundation is therefore an aerial profile borrowed from high a performace paraglider, adjusted to the kite's needs. The resulting canopy characteristics indicate that this has been a good choice.

The canopy construction utilizes technologies that are widely used in the world of high performance paragliders, for example diagonal fins that allowed reducing the number of bridle lines to the absolute minimum; in 2 rows with one pulley depower system. The leading edge is supported by flexible wires which increase an aerodynamical cleanliness and hereby also increases performance.

Kite performance can be effectively regulated by a bar trim. The trim strap handle can be easily mounted to the opposite strap by magnet.

Depower lines in the bridle system offer good adjustement options. On the pictures below you can see how to do it. By extending, we can add some extra performace for jumping and kite agression, this setup is suitable for advanced kiters. By shortening the depower bridle lines, we can increase the stability and decrease the performance of the kite, this setup is suitable for beginners and should be also used in strong and turbulent wind. We recommend all kiters to try these adjusements in lower wind conditions.



The next goal was an excellent stability. The above mentioned technologies contribute to that, supported by carefuly choosen bridles for the trailing edge. By this also Pivot G2 offers a smooth turning experience, even in 18m2 size. Cross connected steering lines provide easy landings and relaunchings, supplemented by possibilites of shortening either one or both lines.


The canopy is stiff and compact and has an excellent stability. An autostable profile has been used to achieve the best stability and canopy durability. The Pivot has been tested in unstable, gusty and turbulent wind. It doesn't collapse and remains on the edge of the flying window.


Kite safety "is caused" by high canopy stability. Thanks to the autostable profile, the Pivot remains stable and steerable in the extremes of its wind range. Most of the possible critical situations can be solved by releasing the bar and by proper trim adjustment.

The bar is also equipped with a security pin, connected to a leash.  When activated, the kite will loose all power and land on the ground. In extreme cases, it is also possible to release the leash security pin; the kite will be completely disconnected from a rider by this.


Thanks to the carefully choosen materials and technologies, the weight of Pivot is extremely low, comparable only with kites of similar sizes made of light materials with shorter lifetime.

The kites' weights are mentioned in the table below.


  • closed leading edge - improves the aerodynamical characteristics of the canopy, thanks to better flow around the front profile part. It also provides an increase of performance. The canopy is more compact and it reacts better on the edge of the flying window.
  • optional enforcing of the leading edge - plastic strings improve the profile's aerodynamics in its most important part, the leading edge. It leads to further increasing of performance and a better ability to climb caused by preservation of the performance also in the very edge of the flying window
  • progressive twoline concept - leads to reduced bridle use in the canopy, resulting in lower aerodynamical resistance, easier manipulation with the kite and improvements to flying characteristics
  • light Skytex fabric with the latest coating with a minimal permeability and high durability increases kite lifetime
  • Pegas concept of diagonal fins developed for high performance paragligers. These fins distribute forces in the bridles, by this it's possible to decrease the number of bridle lines
  • uncovered lines in bridle further decrease aerodynamical resistance of the kite. Thanks to the new materials, these Dyneema lines are durable against a damage and have a long lifetime. This solution contributes to the exeptional fly characteristics of the kite
  • one pulley depower provides radical reactions and uncompromising performance
  • longitudinal inner canopy reinforcement by the leading edge improves overall stability of the canopy
  • reinforcement around the openings in the fins minimize the risk of damage
  • clearing openings on the edge of the wing with magnetic closure. Excelent solution developed especially for kitesurfing - water elimination.
  • new light and easily packable transport bag is spacious, but it can also be used ad a compression bag


Our new kitebags are not only a kite case but they are an elaborate functional part of the whole kite set. When designing new kitebags, we have mainly taken into consideration the practical needs of every kiter, modern design and usefullness. Our bags are light and provide enough space and easy closing. A volume of the bag can be reduced to 1/3 of the original volume. This feature will certainly be welcomed by kiters that travel by plane.


  • new design
  • light and storable
  • huge volume makes it possible to pack a kite even in very difficult conditions
  • not zippers which complicate packing
  • fast and easy closing by "roll" system
  • compression bag function - through the use of tightening side straps
  • 2 sizes - variable volumes 60-15 L and 40-15 L
  • can either be closed by the upper "ear" or like a compact bag with the side closing



Package contents:

  • Pivot G2 kite
  • Pegas bar + Dyneema lines - 2 x 25 m / 200 kg, 2 x 25 m / 300 kg
  • compression strap
  • new Pegas kitebag
  • user guide
  • 3 year warranty

 Technical parameters:






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