ONE is a very new glider for schools and the beginning pilots that completely meets safety requirements for this category of paragliders.



These parameters are proved by the results of the tests according to the most demanding European standard (EN). This glider obtained the certificate EN-A, which is the maximal security in all the tested regimes.

The following requirements were specified during the development process:

            Problem-free take-off

            Easy controllability

            Maximal stability

            Forgiveness of mistakes

            Adequate performance in thermals

The problem-free take-off is very crucial for the beginners and it is one of the best qualities of the ONE glider. The wing takes off very easily with a minimal effort of the pilot. The inflation of the glider is smooth with an automatic stabilization of the canopy above the head.

 Easy controllability facilitates the first flights and enables a very fast handling of pilotage to the beginners. Thanks to a perfect and smooth controlling of the ONE wing the pilot can experience the freedom and the joy from flying from his very first flying moments.

Maximal stability is the basic requirement for a safe flying especially fot he beginning pilots. We devoted a maximal thoroughness to these qualities during the development of the Pegas ONE glider. The result is a really extreme stability in all the phases of the flight including an extraordinary resistance to front-stall and side-stall!

Forgiveness of mistakes of the pilot is essential especially for the beginners and the law airtime pilots. Thanks to a completely innovated controlling the ONE endures even rough interventions and mistakes of the pilotage that could have fatal consequences using a different type of glider. The ractions of the wing to non-standard flying regimes are also slow and smooth, with a minimal change of the flight direction and a muted shoot forward of the wing.

Adequate performance in thermals - from the beginning of the testing flights made by our testing pilots we have been surprised by the “purity” of the flight in the dynamic lift as well as in the thermals. A high stability together with a very good controllability enables flying in a weak thermal as well as flying in the center of a strong thermal. A broad range of speed and a small sink with a very good glide ratio contributes to excellent flight qualities of the glider.

Pegas ONE is equipped with a progressive speed-system that is usually used only for wings of higher category. Thanks to this innovation the paraglider keeps its excellent flight qualities even during full application of the speed-system.

 Landing with the new ONE wing is as easy as the rest.

We do not want to declare that it is a sports wing. However we stand by our opinion that ONE is a wing for the widest range of recreational pilots who prefer maximal safety and calm during their flight. Pegas ONE is at the same time a perfect wing for the paragliding courses. Morover, the wing’s construction enables also its use for powered paraglidingwithout any additional adjustment.

 With the ONE wing your first efforts for flying in the dynamic lift or in the thermal will become a beautiful experience and your feelings will be comparable with those of experienced pilots on more performing gliders.

The well-known PEGAS DESIGN in a special adjustment for Pegas ONE will ensure you a high noticeability on the sky – it will always be the center of attention.

Only proved materials are used for the production of ONE glider – fabric Porcher and the lines Cousine. The risers are divided into 4 groups, front A – it has a separate strap for the lateral line for easier and safer ears. The speed-system is proportional; a change of the angle of attack is distributed smoothly into all binging lines.

Technical data of Pegas One

Size   One 26 One 28
Number of cells   37 37
Layout surface m2 26,8 28,8
Projected surface m2 21,7 22,7
Layout span m 11,4 11,8
Projected span m 8,9 9,2
Layout aspect ratio   4,9 4,9
Projected aspect ratio   3,6 3,6
Mean length of lines m 6,81 697
Absolute length of lines m 420 440
Weight of the glider kg 5,6 6
Diameter of lines mm 1,1 / 1,5/ 1,9 1,1 / 1,5/ 1,9
Minimum speed km/hod 22 22
Maximum speed* km/hod 39/49 39/49
Sink m/s 1,1 1,1
Glide ratio   8,1 8,1
Take-off load** kg 70-95 85-110
Certification   EN - A EN - A


* no touch of brake / max. application of the speed-system
** weight including the pilot’s equipment cca 17 kg



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